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post your secrets

I was older, sister was younger. One of those girls with natural abs and perky tits, would sneak peeks but never did more than that. She thinks she's clever by hiding her webcam nudes and videos in a folder called "school stuff," I stumble upon them by doing a random .jpg search. There are a LOT of them dating back a few years. Not a single pubic hair in any of them. Lots of anal fingering and hairbrushes.

We're throwing a kegger at a friend's house. Get drunk and both of us get dropped off at home. I'm a horny teenager and decide to roll the dice, so I make a joke about taking nudes and she turns red and says something like, "Um, have you been going through the computer?" and I kinda laugh and go, "Maybe." She asks if I've told anyone, and I say, "Never." She's kinda quiet for a second and I say, "Are you going to stop making them?" and she's quiet, just looking at me. I tell her she shouldn't stop, and she goes, "Okay." I go off to college, and come home about once a month to see family. Every time I come home, there are new videos, this time they're not even hidden. One of them was a butt hairbrush video taken on my bed.

tl;dr my sister knew I jerked off to her porno so she made me videos… it's been 10 years and no one's ever found out


pics or didnt happen


Pull up a campfire. It's story time.

Me and my sister are twins but look nothing alike. I take after our father, I guess. We were always close growing up, and playing doctor together was almost inevitable. Nothing significant happened until we were adults.

My family is really old school and still does the arranged marriage thing. They set up my sister to marry our dad's boss.

He's not much older than us, but the dude is an idiot. He's fat. Okay, he's more husky than fat. He's drunk all the time. He's rich, but he has he's obsessed over an old gf who died. In short, he's a stinking normie.

When we were twenty, Sis married the idiot. I get it. Money is money, but I can't stand the guy. Sis told me that when he bangs her, he's drunk as hell. She hates getting crushed under his hairy whiskey-smelling fat (yeah fat) body.


I told her she can do better. I'm feeling so angry, I whip it out. I'm like here, "See? If I can get this hard, you can have anybody." Meanwhile, Sis decides to make a move and grabs.

We start a thing on the downlow. This goes on for years. I can't have a serious relationship with any other woman, because I'm sort of fixated on my hot sister. I admit it. I'm a little pussy-whipped. Meanwhile, she still won't divorce the normie. fml

A few years later, we all go on a family vacation together. I'm stuck babysitting her kids most of the trip. I suspect that most of these kids are actually mine, so I'm usually cool with it. We all go to visit the normie's hometown and see his old country-ass friends in the sticks.


The normie decides to go visit the grave of his old gf. You gotta be kidding me. Still? While he's gone, Sis and I get our grove on.

We're doing the horizontal mombo,


and Sis sees something. It's a kid (not hers). It's the snot-nosed little asswipe of our host. I grab the little shit and ask him what he saw. I already know that he saw everything. Sis is freaking out.

So, I push the little shit out of the window. He falls from the tower to the ground below. Now, that little shit's in a coma, and his mother is bringing the law down on my younger dwarf brother for some crazy reason.

>The things I do for love.


game of thrones plot


ding ding ding ding! Correct answer! Come up and claim your no-prize!


Here’s a true story for you.

I found my mother in law and father in law’s homemade sex tape stash about 10 years ago. She’s slender with huge fake tits. I made copies of all the tapes one weekend when they were gone and jerk off to them constantly.

Flash forward a few years I found a huge collection of pictures they made instead of videos and made copies of them. Never tried to make a move because my mil would never go for it but now I can’t see her without imagining her naked with a cock in her mouth or her grabbing her nipples during sex. Her nipples are always hard and I glance at them when she’s around which gets me hard.


This belongs here.

I was dating a cute, curvy girl who had just graduated college and moved back in with her divorced mom and much-younger sister. Like mature, but much younger. (You understand?)

We'd hang out all weekend at her place or mine. One weekend we're at her mom's rented house in her "bedroom," which is basically an upstairs living room with a futon in it.

Sister is very quiet one afternoon and we don't realize she's home. We're fucking on the futon, not all that loud, and she calls out for A. A says she'll be right there, but she's a true slut and doesn't want to stop when she's horny. Before either of us could even react, sister's head pops around the doorway. A is riding me with her hands on the mattress, with her asshole facing the doorway. Her sister is just standing there, staring at her asshole while she rides up and down. She says that her mom wants to know what we want to do for dinner. A stops for a second, half-glances toward the doorway with her shaved asshole still spread, and then says she'll call her mom.

Her sister stands nervously grinning in the doorway for another 20 seconds, which felt like a fucking eternity.

A was like, "Eh, she knows what I look like naked," and that was the end of the discussion, afterward. Amazing. I still cum to it.


I lived in a rural area growing up and the middle school and high school shared bus routes, which was sometimes a problem with bullying and shit like that. Long story short, I stopped a couple of asshole girls from picking on a shy, pretty girl who was too young for me to otherwise associate with. She started asking if she could sit with me on the long rides home. Then she asked if she could hang out at my house for awhile before walking the 2 miles to her house. I wanted to say no, but I was bored after school too, so I said yes.

It started with us just watching TV but she was pretty curious and then pushy about other stuff. I told her no one could find out about us hanging out and she said she wouldn't tell. So for a school year and a half, she would come over to suck my dick and get eaten out. I told her I didn't want to take her virginity so she resigned herself to oral only. No one ever found out about it. Girl developed a real taste for cum.

At the beginning of my senior year, she started dating a guy her age who she could be openly in a relationship with. She broke up with him in spring and she gave me head until I went to college. Occasionally we see each other around town but it's not weird and we don't keep in touch.


One of my first gfs, her parents were pretty much fine with us being sexually active, it was more important to be safe.

Needless to say we fucked a ton when her parents were home, quietly but very clear to everyone in the house what was going on. One time we had been at it for an hour or so and I was getting ready to cum on her face stradling her chest while about to cum on her face. The moment cum starts flying onto her face the door swimgs open( we were facing the door, nothing to block the view of what was happening and her dad basically sees his daughters face covered in cum with my cock still dripping above it. He stood there for a few moments that seemed like an eternity and while laughing closed the door. My gf at the time just looked at me and laughed and said "I bet you he is more embarrassed than we are" She was a fucking godess. Perfect everything. Thin but athletic, perky Teardrop C cups and an amazing ass. This memory is a highlight.


how old was your gf?


This thread is useless without pics


Would you like to share those vids?

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