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last thread jacked by trolls. lets appreciate this sexy young model
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literally the biggest bullshit comment you've made yet. you'll never be shit no matter what you do. this is why no one ever tells you the real places to go so quit wasting your energy with all this misdirection bullshit.

A word to the rest of you, vola is never used by any of the true content owners and traders and anything ever "leaked" on vola is already leaked on other chans. And would already spread everywhere anyway even if vola never existed. The only reason anything is ever leaked to begin with is because everyone has it already and there's no value, or someone is revenge posting after getting scammed.


My discord name is not available on twitch. i sent you a friend request on discord.


How does one find these real places?



Friendly reminder that the current Vola mods were all begging for underage McKayla Maroney nudes years ago.



friendly reminder that the current mods aren't even the same mods from years ago



That's the joke, heisencuck. You guys were all begging for underage porn and now you're on staff claiming Vola isn't for pedos.


Nobody was begging for UA, except for you scrubs on here. Stay mad that your dirty rooms are now closed.


Just post the stuff here and let Volafile fade into obscurity.



What "other chans"?




Nope, you and the other mods were all begging for underage fappening stuff before, as well as on the webcam channels.

Also you faggots sure do like to selectively ignore room reports for CP and underage stuff. I guess you only respond to reports when you see stuff you've already downloaded, eh?


WTF, this ugly skank "model" still on this board?!

You delet Models form Michael Marx era such as jane fleur, but this cp infested threads keep getting ressurected ?

Heck i see ppl scream for pictures when she was underage and sometimes they deliver and still you let it continue ?

Must be nice to be a mod on anon-ib where you can select what cp thread to delet and what to keep.

GG mods, get cancer, plz


Nude pics of someone under the age of 18 isn't CP anywhere on the fucking planet you retard. learn what cp is before pounding on your keyboard you moralfag nigger.

Also, mods on anon lol. Where the fuck do you think you are?


File: 1521166990328.jpg (30.89 KB, 500x368, 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Justifying your pedophilia again? Case closed, dismissed. Btw… back to the real topic!



I think the important thing here to note is that you WANT to see girls under the age of 18. It's creepy and it's gross.



Idiot, why do you think the Michael Marx models get deleted?


pedophilia? You should probably look that word up. Simple moralfag nigger.


And you wait until the exact day they turn 18 before you fap. Don't you?

Stupid fucking moralfags


everyone in this thread is a both a nigger and a faggot which means you definitely have AIDS


Funny to watch you pedos using the term moralfag over and over again because you don't know anything else besides plebbit stuff… still you a5re just pedos. Hahahaha


Goddamn, you are truly dumb. Just stop and PLEASE go to school and educate yourself so you don't end up begging on the street.


File: 1521184517883.jpg (25.53 KB, 600x339, THEY CANT KEEP GETTING AWA….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Its been too long since the last room


just a friendly reminder that on this board there are NO AGE DISCUSSIONS!

So, yeah whateveryour opnion, you cannot vent it here

Thank you for your cooperation


Just a friendly reminder that PEDOS and media of UNDERAGED people are NOT welcome here.


Just a friendly reminder that self rightous asshats and media that they don't approve of are NOT welcome here.




File: 1521262723502.jpg (46.71 KB, 478x480, 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Just a friendly reminder that your excuses for being a pedonigger don't cut it.
Please die responsibly.




Yeah no

If crying like a bitch with severe PMS actually stopped things you don't like from occurring women would rule the world

Go elsewhere and whine like a faggot


Using the term moralfag again? How boring…
Leave? Never. Hahahahaha


Protip4comedians:It's not funny if only you laugh at it


File: 1521333581512.png (1.77 MB, 1027x1540, InkedMady Part 1 455_LI.png) ImgOps Google






is there a vola?




Can u share some of the new,rooms haven't been able,to find,them


anyone have the password for an EvEryThInG!.rar?



What's with the big pink bars on the left and right? What was censored there?

Also, new room. Please come back Pyro, Nasa, and share some more. I need my fix :)



These faggots on Vola literally refresh this forum 24/7. They have no other meaning in life. How sad.


Vola has become a dictatorship, emphasis on the DICK. I guess the Vola Mods would rather be a General of nothing (Vola), then a soldier in something (Anon)


I am not trying to feed the trolls here, but why guard this thread? I understand you think she was a minor and are preventing whatever.. Umm.. don't you think you should probably be in t, ybwbt, cam, soc,ytb,tatt,a, (any state thread), etc…… I mean if you say you are doing justice and doing a good deed.. why just in Cali's thread? For real tho? There is ONLY ONE Logical reason and we all know why.


Has pyro, or anyone else, leaked any more in the past week or so?

Was this >>62967 leaked without the drawing?

If so, can you post it here for us please?


h8um6z58 new room that needs help



It needs to be nuked.


What a cunt you are. I hope you choke on your own beef curtain.



Good riddance.


most of the files were pass protected, what's the pass for them?


try Anon NASA or Vola



Exactly why that clusterfuck deserved to be nuked.

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