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File: 1518558137934.jpeg (379.11 KB, 750x633, FB50AB01-D185-4272-B83E-D….jpeg) ImgOps Google


She has a nsfw kofi


Bump for those titties


I will drop kofi stuff when this thread blows up a bit


Just drop what you have


File: 1518640567384.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 5B72D697-CFB4-4D3A-B3E2-52….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1518640830569-0.png (790.8 KB, 750x1334, E160E37D-53E1-48BF-B282-7D….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518640830569-1.png (832.23 KB, 750x1334, 6B3EE390-D8AF-4926-A729-9A….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518640830569-2.png (778.26 KB, 750x1334, F784448B-A5EF-4710-9750-DD….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518640830569-3.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 20B84F69-0358-48FD-B8F7-D5….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518640830569-4.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, DFCE9544-9CB3-424A-ABB6-C3….png) ImgOps Google


Please drop!


Post it


File: 1518677993560-0.png (1019.53 KB, 750x1334, 8319A197-6452-4451-AF1B-F5….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518677993560-1.png (797.48 KB, 720x1280, 2EFF37ED-ABA7-4FC9-BB8D-3C….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518677993560-2.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 9192C902-8FA7-4F02-AB85-6B….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518677993560-3.png (1.3 MB, 720x1280, CF6A5D0F-BF79-4CA0-952E-AA….png) ImgOps Google

Her Censored KoFi Pics!


File: 1518678632297-0.png (790.8 KB, 750x1334, AFB15AF7-4D26-4797-A93A-76….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518678632297-1.png (832.23 KB, 750x1334, 9586CE98-B8C6-4F91-AD5D-A1….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518678632297-2.png (815.11 KB, 750x1334, 874CFA86-CEFD-431F-AFDB-B9….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518678632297-3.png (790.8 KB, 750x1334, 7A6F31F2-C20B-4925-B531-4C….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518678632297-4.png (778.26 KB, 750x1334, F58E09BA-F4DF-4B7D-A406-7B….png) ImgOps Google

Enjoy nipple


File: 1518678919413-0.jpeg (133.35 KB, 720x1280, 58804492-6C88-4358-82A4-1….jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1518678919413-1.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 90EABF25-7DA4-4F6C-A65F-70….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518678919413-2.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 54E354D5-65FD-4815-A56E-A4….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518678919413-3.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 6D6B4BD4-5B60-4319-BBEF-7D….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1518678919413-4.jpeg (962.86 KB, 1440x2960, 1794E414-FFBF-440D-9AEF-2….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Enjoy these




So, she seems to talk lately like she doesn't have a BF, did she break up with that long time dude? Would help explain the sudden foray into this.


You guys are sick fucks tbh, slimy rats like you should be exposed.


So, I highly doubt you're Julia since she seems a lot more chill than that. So I have to wonder, close friend or gross stalker white knight?


Believe she’s married


Bump for kofi pics


She is married to a guy who is either a writer or artist for a semi-known comic publisher. His name is Brian Denham.


File: 1518830554317-0.jpg (43.96 KB, 750x500, 14716671_1627483300885029_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1518830554317-1.png (975.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0360.PNG) ImgOps Google

File: 1518830554317-2.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0361.PNG) ImgOps Google

File: 1518830554317-3.png (438.96 KB, 640x960, downloadafaasd.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1518930010586-0.jpeg (79.82 KB, 750x750, 281C728A-A846-444E-9C97-A….jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1518930010586-1.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 06538123-8ED6-4117-AC1E-31….png) ImgOps Google

Keeping this page alive


File: 1518930162717.jpeg (50.91 KB, 750x750, 60A568A8-23E9-4577-94C8-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Newest Pic


Anyone have the uncensored ko-fi pics?



All the Ko-fi stuff I've received from her, she's censored herself by covering up her nipples.


85203 thats fine. We still want to see


Yeah that’s what everyone has been saying, but still want to see the pics, better than nothing


I would definitely appreciate seeing those.


Please drop, her tits look fucking amazing


Only KoFi pics she’s sent me have pasties on her boobs, not showing full nipple or anything


File: 1519026417009.png (1.19 MB, 720x1280, 34756D01-7917-4C3B-BDC8-83….png) ImgOps Google


We want to see the pasty pics please


What the kofi name i cant find her




Thanks so if i send $30 she sends the pics or is it that get her snap chat. Im willing to do it but if its snap i need a burner phone . If my gf find snapchat on my phone i get nasty aggro


No her snap is puclic, i know she said once you pay send her a snapnof it but i think the ko-fi pics are at that website once donated.


Her snapchat username is public, she updates it on the regular.

If you basically donate $30, she'll message you to confirm as long as your Ko-Fi account has your snapchat name in it. Then she'll send you some more NSFW photos, but as far as I can tell she censors out her nipples or covers them strategically.






Bump for uncensored!


File: 1519198689073.jpg (65.02 KB, 720x1280, derp derp derp.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

found this on another anon board. It got deleted but i saved it.


Christ, those are huge, lucky bastard of a husband.


Damn!! Now I’d pay the price some of these Patren Chicks charge to see those without pasties!!


what board was it?



Let's just leave it at tits. And this is hardly a get. No actual nips or hint of nips? lol I'd be pissed too, but come on.


Fuck, way to ruin a good thing.


Post the rest. Fuck her whining. She took the pics. Now trying to pretend she’s not a slut lol


her crying on snapchat over this thread was cringe af


Lol wait what?! She was crying on Snapchat about this?!?! Lol when was this? Or did she delete the story already cuz I don’t see it


How much you wanna bet with all her Bitching and Crying she still won’t Stop her KoFi account and won’t stop sending pics, lol outside of her husband it’s not like she works, she been doing stuff like this forever weather it’s have thirsty guys buy stuff off her amazon whislist, using Kevin to hook her up with photo shoots cuz she can’t pay for them, that hella stupid cat book Kickstarter she tried to start for money and now KoFi, lol she need money for her cons, and that’s all people who donate to her is going to Cons and her lunches lol. I really think she underestimated how popular or famous she really is in the cosplay/con scene lol, I remember when she was announced as the 9th Power Force member and literally everyone in power force and the ranger community was like whose NerdygirlJulia lol. Like even this thread in the cosplay tab is noting compared to the others cosplay threads, like let’s be real, this thread probably consist of the same 7-10 guys posting lol, But back on topic did she really think her pics wouldn’t be shared or posted?! EVERY Cosplayer(and I use the term cosplayer with her lightly) has it happen and honestly it’s sometimes more profitable for the cosplayer because more people will want to see more and will sub to her, follow, or whatever, she needs to chill, just cuz you’re putting pasties over your nipples doesn’t mean you aren’t still charging ppl $30 to see you topless! A cosplay slut who sell her body, so what every or almost every cosplay chick does it, Jess nigiri, ivy, envy, Hell this anon cosplay board is the perfect example, if your aren’t gonna stop asking people for money then suck it up so what if some of your shit gets shared


File: 1519240684909-0.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 85C6DF09-9726-4197-A504-A1….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519240684909-1.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, D4525A9F-C7DA-4EA4-A9A4-DB….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519240684909-2.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 655DD719-9618-4DF8-A198-15….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519240684909-3.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 755ED002-0DC5-4EB0-A163-97….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519240684909-4.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, B202953D-9735-4615-94D7-36….png) ImgOps Google

To many words not enough pics imma unload a few in my archive


File: 1519243682474-0.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, E903B9AD-5B8F-426F-9E79-38….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519243682474-1.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 41B589DC-AFC4-4AC4-93F5-8E….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519243682474-2.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, D65564BA-3B15-40F3-9AF1-CE….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519243682474-3.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 9F5FA82E-63D6-4822-A729-93….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519243682474-4.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 7852E3FC-F113-4C08-A939-52….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1519243767845-0.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 07E38858-86DA-44A0-A994-29….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519243767845-1.png (965.84 KB, 750x1334, 147A361B-B265-44AA-9AFF-EC….png) ImgOps Google

Slight nip through shirt


File: 1519243901212-0.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 63983AD8-C50C-4B61-9244-92….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519243901212-1.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, F7B3E533-B9FC-4195-B45B-07….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519243901212-2.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 03DD803A-EFAE-4264-B036-10….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519243901212-3.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 86E0547A-276A-49A5-80B4-62….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1519244023849-0.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, E2B07451-3ED9-4488-8CDC-52….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519244023849-1.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, B7BA9AB3-7B11-4925-AA2F-98….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519244023849-2.png (567.34 KB, 750x1334, 0D4C117D-048F-4D4D-AFF8-0C….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519244023849-3.png (579.21 KB, 750x1334, 1B3B0B74-25D0-49AC-878F-E1….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1519244152650-0.png (410.57 KB, 750x1334, 46F175F7-00A0-4BA1-AB5E-ED….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519244152650-1.png (424.66 KB, 750x1334, 75805FE9-742F-4417-8049-F9….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519244152650-2.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 4548E95A-54A2-4DA9-AB91-F2….png) ImgOps Google


I’ll post more later


It was this morning. Lol. I don’t understand why these camwhores think they are special. Guys want to see her tits. That’s all. People don’t follow her for her. It blows my mind if she really thinks otherwise lol


Anymore private kofi stuff


Lmfao! I wish I saw that vid! She should chill though! This page will get her more followers, views, subs, ect. Over dramatic attention whore it seems like, you don’t hear any of the othe bigger cosplay/patreon “nudes/tits for money types” complaining when it happens to them, because they know what they signed up for when they started, they’re selling digital sex lol and that’s all. And then Julia has the nerve to whine about people who don’t pay seeing her tits BUT she has no problem taking $30+ from people to see her tits! Lol that just makes her a greedy cam whore lol and bitching that people aren’t paying to see her topless


A bunch of guys have it but probably won't know to post here. I found this forum from her Snapchat but now that she took down those snaps they might not find it, I'm sure there are some heroes out there tho


File: 1519253736977-0.png (527.52 KB, 750x1334, 222BDE39-DFD3-4B91-8B18-BA….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519253736977-1.png (554.65 KB, 750x1334, 8353B8E0-50E6-49D1-BAA5-88….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519253736977-2.png (487.34 KB, 750x1334, 7A55815B-6AB8-4F84-BEA8-3D….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519253736977-3.png (557.6 KB, 750x1334, 7FDF762F-36F3-4A38-B9DD-A8….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519253736977-4.png (560.15 KB, 750x1334, 259290BC-A3A6-4040-B4C2-21….png) ImgOps Google


Got a bunch of vids, but here’s one gotta watch on computer don’t think phones have the video flash processer. tinypic (dot) com/player.php?v=2r2mczo%3E&s=9#.Wo36lHBMGEc


Wasn’t even aware she had a husband. Where did you dig that?


His and her Facebook, he’s a comic artist for a unknown comic company, lion forge and Airship, his names brian


Bump for more ko-fi pics


This stupid bitch used to date Apple de la Fuente from Alamo City Comicon. She just used him to gain fame and money. Possibly a boob job too because her tits were nowhere as big as they suddenly are now.




Lmao, those aren't fake tits by a long shot. I realize you wanna be all teen angst hate filled, but don't be blinded by it. Larger breasts tend to grow into a woman's 20s due to the genetics that are causing the above average breast growth. Also she's become a little chubbier over the years which adds to it.


Never seen her post anything with a partner. Wouldn’t have guessed


She posted a while back of them going ice skating together so it seems she isn’t overly public about


If she was more open about being married, I think she would probably lose followers of her.


All the drama and shit talking is beter then any pic i jave seen sooo far.i been wanting to see those tits for soo long. But it seen like nownif ypu drop the 30 your not going to see it. Its like a fuckimg loot box


It's funny when she made all of those crying snaps about this thread on snap she said she was going to stop posting for a while that all lasted maybe 4 hours


She is the definition of an attention whore


Okay Julia


That wasn't Julia mate, just me speaking some truth instead of being an immature child. I share various sets on here of other girls, like the newest CD set for Usatame the other day.


Omg chill guys, there tits who the fuck cares, and suuurree you dare sets, lol no offense if you do or no, just saying hate when ppl say that with no proof, I can say that to I’m the one who posted sets of “blah” on the “blah” lol, not trying to be a dick just saying, just like all the people here who claim to have the uncensored pics of Julia on here but never post shit, it’s all BS to me just saying, if you have to brag about doing something to seek validation you most likely didn’t do it, or it isn’t true


I can't share what I have because it'll reveal who I am. Those tits are not fake. The only thing fake about her is her personality.


Lol sure dude everyone who pays $30 gets the same pics it won’t reveal anything but, I’ll say the same yeah I got her uncensored pics to guys but won’t share


File: 1519344367692-0.png (1.57 MB, 720x1280, DED30BF4-D5E0-4D2A-B02B-07….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344367692-1.png (540.88 KB, 640x1136, 6570D1C6-D0CD-4615-B067-61….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344367692-2.png (345.22 KB, 456x810, BA186A2C-4ECF-4616-9600-B3….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344367692-3.png (351.86 KB, 456x810, 62DE0806-0126-456D-810F-F8….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344367692-4.png (476.42 KB, 456x810, 2EB11E20-BC10-4870-A853-11….png) ImgOps Google

Sorry for all the talking I’ll be productive and drop some archived pics, cuz to many excuses on the board and it’s become more about talking and excuses and liars than posting


File: 1519344840423-0.png (733.02 KB, 750x1334, BAB09F31-A56D-490A-A5C6-35….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344840423-1.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 1403CB6C-78E9-4148-8181-1E….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344840423-2.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, C800C4EC-11B6-4825-94FF-76….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344840423-3.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 7C650A65-307B-4E20-B667-EA….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344840423-4.png (716.75 KB, 750x1334, 0E6A2F71-8524-455E-9EBC-D5….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1519344955616-0.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 5315DE73-D60D-495C-81F5-00….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344955616-1.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, C58B733C-62D4-4902-9CAA-31….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344955616-2.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 82A83339-5CB3-4216-BC0D-D8….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344955616-3.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, CBAB6966-6497-45CB-B3F5-8C….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519344955616-4.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, 39C82780-A535-4465-B4A1-36….png) ImgOps Google


Done posting my stash in here til we get actual wins posted all the censored pics, the ass shot, 5 see thru nip shots, and honest 80% of this threads pics, I’m out till this become more about pics and wins and less talk and lies and excuses on why ppl can’t or won’t post bunch of pussies in here! Got over 200 pics and 20+ vids but fuck it for now


She's live on Instagram right now and everyone is throwing sympathy at her for "leaked photos".


File: 1519359210369.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, C336E53F-6A46-4B67-9F40-03….png) ImgOps Google


i hate her face


Someone claimed to have actual wins? I just thought the craze was over the kofi nsfw pics which are obviously censored


You guys are pretty sad tbh. Bunch of virgins cheap ass niggas


Julia, it's racist for you to use the n word since you are obviously not black.
Also, you shouldn't be complaining since it's us virgins that are giving you money for boobs and an ugly ass face

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