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File: 1456441494045.jpg (8.89 KB, 315x176, download.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


So I've found a few of these incredible upskirt videos. They all have the same theme in common. Girl notices stranger trying to catch a peek from afar. She starts discreetly making eye contact, shooting flirty glances and smiles. Sometimes it'll be a chick sitting next to her boyfriend while she's trying to sneak exchanges. The recordings always capture the glances, uncrossing of legs, subtle pulling up of skirt etc in slow motion. The videos are realistic and hot as fuck. The only problem is I can't find them all. I'll slip up on one from time to time, but I can't figure out where they originate. Surely somebody who's good at digging will find these as erotic as I do. Here are the ones I've found so far.








No one else is saying it so I will. These vids are great. Especially the girl with the sunglasses


sweet links man, love this kinda stuff! just qued em all up for download for after work. nice big hd files! haha


Thanks. I just wish I could find more. The only clue I've found is that all the videos seem to be french. See if you guys can find more.


These are awesome


wow these are perfect. been looking for more with no luck.


wab these two?


Close but no cigar. Keep searching.


This video appears to have similar dimensions and resolution with the same style of slow motion captures. Getting warmer fellas.



So good. There needs to be more.


re-up jardine links please


lets give this the bump it deserves


File: 1463332547128.jpg (42.38 KB, 600x900, tmp_5386-FB_IMG_1463293787….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Just Google flirting upskirt =)


I found this video that seems like it fits. You can't see her face, but her legs spreading several times seems deliberate. She also figets with her skirt a bit.




Also found this.


What keywords are you all using to search?


One of a kind clip. Ignore the intro.




Damn. That megavideo was on point. Do you have anymore? And the keywords I've used are like upskirt, provoked, caused, alla AP, caused by a AP… those seem to give the most relevant results. I found a couple more last week from a French website and I forgot to link them here. But those videos are definitely all French in origin if that helps. Using Bing, upskirt tease, upskirt flirt, upskirt candid, whatever whatever… I've tried them all and scrolled for hours and found nothing. These videos are incredibly difficult to find.


Hopefully I can find them again. One was a chick in a short dress playing slots and the other one was really awesome. It was like an hour and a half long. Chick is sitting at an outside cafe and shooting flirty glances and smiles while her friends aren't looking and is constantly flashing upskirt. It's similar to the video in the header except this chick is WAY more engaged and playful.


Couldn't find the two I was talking about but here are some more I've found. Keep searching guys. Use keywords like "coquine" and "jupe". There's definitely more of these style videos out there.








you can find more of them here. it's the ones with the french titles




Well good news and bad news. I've found all of the videos that are shot in that style. There's about 20 of them. Bad news is they seem to be the only one of their kind.

You can watch the rest like this. Just change the last 2 numbers of the link starting with 10 I think and the last one is 29 or 30. Enjoy.

For example:




and so on


those videos are terrible. if i want to wait 30 minutes for a peek i might as well go out and look myself!




Damn good find man. What else you got?


These are the hottest videos on this board imo. Anymore?


we need more videos like that


That 1.5 hr long video you describe sounds great. Hope you find it as apparently this is my fetish…


thanks for these vids. I hope more of this type of stuff gets posted. The vid with the smoking girl was the hottest cause she was clearly flirting in front of her date


there has to be more out there. I think this is the dude's youtube channel /watch?v=1e2XfgY5o4I&t=3s same style of shooting


They were originally posted on dailymotion by someone called ticaffre974. Unfortunately he deleted them all a few years back and I haven't been able to get my niche fix since.

Thank you for bringing these to my notice.


And my favourite has to be the one with the teenage girl eye fucking the cameraman and borderline masturbating at a restaurant table as her parents pretend not to notice.


did he ever upload more than what was found/posted on here already?


Overwhelming majority are present. Only one that is missing (if memory serves me correctly) is of a mother and child at a fast food place (?), childs face blurred and is only present for few moments. The mum spreads her legs and is on the phone I think.

Another one is of a woman in a bikini and a sarong sitting on one of those reclining seats poolside drinking from a cup with a straw. She also did what she could to show off as much skin as possible. If more come to mind I'll let you know.


Damn sounds hot af. I hope they get discovered. These type of vids are my new favorites


I searched ticaffre974 and came across a website where the guy says he has a facebook where he uploaded all his vids but we have to request him to see. I dont have a Facebook so anybody want to add him just look up arthur.upskirt on FB and hopefully post some vids here if you get in :)


the motherless video in the OP is the best one imo


bump, any news or updates on these type of vids?


What are the best sites for genuine no panty upskirt videos,compilations etc.

Id like to see what others have collected ,mega links, or websites with good upskirt content.




Allow me to breath new life into this amazing little sub-genre.

Another search term is "Caused Upskirt" or "She Knew".







For me the top link in this video is the most real out of all the ones posted.


Sad that there was never any more of this series. Now we can only hope to find upskirts where girls know they're being filmed.


Another video from ticaffre974



hey i feel stupid what does AP mean in "upskirt caused by AP" ?


nice how did you find him? It says candidforum I was going to search for more but the stupid site said I was inactive now it wants me to pay and fuck that




This is a good one



OP here. Just wanted to say number one… this guy deserves a trophy ^. Second, its nice to see this thread still getting attention. Maybe not for everyone, but it's definitely my favorite shit. I've spent hours trying to find new stuff. You guys are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work. It'd be awesome if they start producing porn in this style one day. Somebody should start it. A whole new category. Fantastic idea. Somebody jump on it already.







This is the best video in this thread, if y'all haven't seen it I recommend you do.

That video alone is worthy of its own genre







Wrong thread. Not the correct theme




off topic, sure. but still hot almost thought she wasnt wearing panties but her ass was just swallowing her thong. Thanks to all the contributors keeping this thread alive. Still holding out hope for more vids from the original upskirt provoker



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