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File: 1507612703781.png (56.14 KB, 777x423, icanhazchat.com.png) ImgOps Google

 No.71181[Last 50 Posts]

ICHC thread. Anyone got a new vola?


Looking for Absent and Pinknpurple stuff


Nigger newfag jizzbomb get ass blasted and shut down the old one?


any jardine pleeease




ogthatwhitegirl or messysammm



the room said a moderator closed it down— so whoever the mod was, there you go


So… Anyone looking to make a new one?





Closed again

Anyone got some shaynah/shaydylady666?


Nigger mods cease niggerizing the sharing


lf aznfro/aznfemanon | chubby | jabber | starwarz


Anyone got anything on Absent?


im going to dump a few here in about 10 minutes, please reciprocate with whatever you have e8j7n608


I will contribute




Dayuuumm!! epic win. thanks guys :)


anyone got any absent or pinknpurple?


absent = lame troll. good luck with that


Dump those files again if you can get a chance. Much thanks.


Any girl-girl win? Jardine and her friend? Those cousins? Up to cola for the win!


File: 1508773283032.jpg (20.71 KB, 553x412, 137249938169.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So I have hundreds of caps that are pretty disorganized. Searching for some as well. Where is everybody sharing these days? Will try to fill requests as I can, but here is mine. lilavine

Feel free to email.


Here is my first. Bambiii


File is hidden


any jardine?


+1 for Jardine


here is Jardine. I think most was lost to an old hd.

looking for eelenaa, tomatosoup, lilavine


I got you some Eeleena.

Hoping someone will pay it forward on some Absent or pinknpurple

ufile . io / xrnxa


Anyone got any pics or vids of Dakota or xena? www.dropbox.com/sh/xlrxa7x8xhsgkmq/AAB_S7a-gKsWbIhXP8sV9wzMa?dl=0


Will post my oc xena and dakotaa in an hour or so.



What site are these hosted on?


#!OBFUxAgK dakotaa


>>71803. Seriously? Reup on a different site.


#!qUk1XKgY xena fap after hot wax treatment


its asking for a decryption key for the last 2


Thank you!



has anyone seen her in anything lately, and does anyone have videos, even old?








That host is unusable.


Thanks for the Dakota and Xena!


Any of you guys got any Cybertits stuff?


Does anyone have boxedwinebabe? I remember a shower video floating around and perhaps something more


anymore Jardine?


probably a stupid question but have you tried any recovery software on the old hd? Sounds like there was some good shit on it. Thanks for the ups!


super long shot, but any b3ll3 or sparkles?


I will post some oc sparkles today. Any chance anyone has any oc/unseen haleyyyy?


Haleyyy was on chaturbate briefly as modifiednympho anyone have those clips?


bump for anymore jardine pls


I have a ton of jardine to upload, give me a bit. looking for knees


Still looking for Absent and pinknpurple. Will post more when some shows up


i'd also like some cybertits


thanks, anythin else your lookin for let me know


Anyone got any Moomo?


Any misanthropy, particularly masturbation wins, would be amazing








would love to see more jardine also– specially her g/g shows, and the infamous one of her private 3 some with 4 legged friends


any rare natcake ( g/g) or natcake sex cams would be great

thanks for everything be posted


ty anon– great caps

any unseen cali/cupps/content g/g or couples specially would be much appreciated


I'd love to see some unseen hippiechick from tog


Anyone got epic?


Any newer katalyst… tumblraddict or Gll… available


Any knees by chance?


File: 1509585226624-0.gif (1.85 MB, 320x240, aznfemanon_1.gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1509585226624-1.gif (1.73 MB, 320x240, aznfemanon_2.gif) ImgOps Google

with all this good shit posting, whos got this?


Is there a room for me to up some of these in?


Vola will not accept this stuff, it will be immediately removed
For now the safest bet is on mega or I think zippyshare


Woah I've been out of the loop and hadn't heard about that last one. Must see!


any Spareribs?


Jardine: mega.nz/#F!535hyJoD!r3qnl45ME0_DkkUJOs2-FA

katalyst: mega.nz/#F!dzYGzZTC!cX_TCCCsat0vb-s3lbPLVw

spareribs: mega.nz/#!lj4GRD4C!IpZKqwGRoj7QhDPXn5SvJE7oEXHUVDKdBwnaOnW86io

hippiechick: mega.nz/#!ZuZBSR6b!Bmanc4nxw3eEIUXZsmjUaDl2sL1odfk-UquDkJkA_Ws


Hey my homies, anyone got some Cyanide stuff?


Anything for cookieeee?


Any Queenc with her decent cam?


bump for jardine gg/bg


Looking for Pinknpurple, Moono, and Absent stuff. Have tons to offer, in turn.


Looking for any newer kissmybooty, leatherlace, or caps from a girl who went by ikendra I think? Have nothing new to contribute but can reupload old request if I have them… thanks




Please post any Thisiskickass, LisaBree, and BrittanyBaby.


can someone reupload katalyst?


I don't really have anything to offer, but I'm looking for:
-more hippiechick
-girls doing watersports (will upload a couple on mega)


Someone out there has to have some MeloraMolly.


got any enn or gingerminge?


any arcosantist?


long shot, any lolab0mb?


ogthatwhitegirl, technicoloredflesh?


Any tcoi or heroin?


anybody got knees?


everyone has knees you fucking dolt


Does anyone have any kittenrainbowsparkle?


good one lmfao


Really wasn't that amusing, cease encouraging newfag niggers.




so edgy


So newfaggy



so butthurt





File: 1510905825198.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0878.PNG) ImgOps Google

anyone have 710haze/swankshawtie wins?

She said she used to cam in 2hot


does ANYONE have lustlingers, i have some endlesslust to share if so


So easily trolled


Anything from alohamora? Did she ever cam under a different name?




Any pinknpurple or absent?


Can you link the misanthropy mp4 bud?


Anyone got any decent caps of louise7? Used to be on 2hot.




Yup, misanthropy link is jpg of mp4, not mp4


any other spareribs?


Any cinamin/sinji?


Howabout lucycutie/lucymloo ?


Some start a holiday Vola!


Why not?
No ichc reference in file names
No girl names in filenames
Let's see how it lasts


Any heartagram_chick with her nips out? Think I never seen her nips


Posted watersports stuff in that room
Go there and post more watersports stuff please; I know kayla did it at least anotehr time, and notlele at least two


anymore lustlingers out there?


Any one have any of the following:
Macy diamond


Vola died. Still really hoping to get that slinced_apples vid, or any misanthropy esp. pussy


Please reup any Cyanide stuff. Thanks.


I've seen one video with her nipples, but only for a few seconds


Any chance of a share?


I have an active upstore subscription. Find me the most requested vid and I'll mega it for you guys.


Any queenbeaa?


There's no ichc on upstore, the premium acocunt scene isn't interested in that site because the cam are abysmal quality… As are most of the girls


upload on anon-v
those haven't get taken down
theres must b unseen enn
she did very good shows everyday


bump for aznfro/aznfemanon


Looking for tcoi or misanthropy.


That's good


really? now making stuff up about jardine and 4 legged friends? lol
so funny !!


That is a very old rumour, never confirmed, Jardine herself never denied either.


Well I will believe it when I see it, and thats probably never going to happen, so


Pretty much this. People been saying that it exists, but never seen even a single screenshot.


File: 1512402066631-0.png (618.49 KB, 1680x1050, 136104917396.png) ImgOps Google

dragonfly anyone?? She was also on camfuze as lovetoberubbed. Would love to see some of her. She has been hoarded for years.I saw her fap shows back then but never again. Help anon


Prolly those nigger internet tough guy mods from tog started that rumor.

You were only allowed into the inner circle jerk if you'd successfully contracted aids.


Did jizz ever post gingerbeer b/g win?


They removed my awesome reaction pic post, so I'll spell it out this time
No, jizz didn't share that. Jizz shared very very little except stuff already posted a thousand times that he sold as the Second Coming.
More importantly what little of his OC is shared was a fucking mess. Fullscreen with a full complement of cams in poststamp quality, cut at random moments and questionabel taste in girls… His caps were fucking shit.


:) ily too

What % of my OC caps did you see? 0.5% , 1 % , maybe 2% and you didnt like the lil cams from gonewild. I posted what people requested. At least i had the decency to disable man cams almost all of the time, unlike others. Some needed to be edited so they could be shared, which is why the cut off moments seemed random. But at least i made an effort to still share them. Its so easy to shit on others when you contribute nothing and just beg for stuff and bitch.

Gingerbeer B/G sex shows will remain unseen, so will ananna and other gw faves. Why? Why not :)


It's always the same shit with you
People have nothing to contribute because they have already contributed what they could and reposted their content by themselves, a million times
People are nobodies because they share freely without a special name, without feeling the need to be at the centre of their own cult of personality and being famous as that guy who supposedly hoards all the good stuff
But whatever, you have your methods, and people willing to suck your cock for caps sometimes come up and say you are legit. I guess that counts for something.
From where I stand every thread, board and community you have touched has come off shittier for it.



Was waiting for you to edit your aznfro stuff but the vola went down, super sad


Doesn't this nigger faggot ever get tired of lying and seeking attention from random male strangers?

It's like dealing with a cumdumpster but since he has no vagina theres nothing useful to be found.


"Hurrrr you insulted me so I'm not posting that."

You weren't going to post it in the first place, you ugly small-dicked cunt.

Since Jizz is such a faggot, if anyone wants to open a new Vola, I'll try and dump what I have in there.


Why not, the worst it can happen is that it gets nuked



Great uploads. More Heartagram_chick would be appreciated


File: 1512589935323-0.jpeg (58.42 KB, 640x640, 1512515649622-1.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1512589935323-1.jpg (66.9 KB, 720x480, 1512530219517-0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

looking for angelxxous


Ikr same sorry ass come back every time

We'll stop being mean as soon as you stop acting like a fag. Since you seem incapable of acting like a non homosexual guess what…


Well, that's fucked up. Banned from uploading content for three days because MissAllSunday is apparently hanging around and copyright claimed 2 videos of her I uploaded. What a bitch.


Post upload links here

Fuck dat ho


email me i have a bunch of tcoi.
krypt i couldnt find that one is it
down ? i have lots to trade if it is down


Trading is gay


any jardine or bijou?


Any Absent or pinknpurple?


Give up you persistent fuck


The mods from Winning need to un-hoard the secret second site stuff!!!


God instantly transformed into a kunta kinte tier nigger faggot when he got rulership of winning


Volas nuked, surprised it lasted.


We'll wait a couple of weeks and make another, same as always.
What surprises me is that peop'le still need vola as a crutch instead of just upping their shit to mega, zippy, rg, anon-v or whatever else.


cola == convenient i guess


Anyone got some shaynah?


bump for new vola


File: 1513478787714.gif (417.56 KB, 500x375, ink.gif) ImgOps Google

anyone know what her tumblr is?


Who is this? / Do you have more?


Since MissAllSunday is apparently hanging around this thread, hi, L*, good to see you've lost all the weight you piled on. If you're gonna copyright claim people, at least get the fuck back on camera to compensate.


New cola room?


File: 1513585438850.jpg (227.44 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nnhjh0Xa191splw1qo1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Bump for more of "Inkycream" if thats her name? Found this.


new cola f5yr9hkc


do you have her tumblr page?


Any angel pussy caps?



Nah, just seen her before and always wondered the name. Inkycream turns up nothing, help a brother out?


Someone please start another vola asap. Last one was just taken down and missed a lot of them.


Any angelxxous done pussy caps?




Any caps of muff1nt0p?



i added stuff

c to v


anybody got katalyst?


please post some Jardine



New Stuff Up


Someone needs to teach the cucks running Volafile what "fair use" is, and someone should post a bunch of MissAllSunday out of spite.




Repost please? Thanks.



Also want to see her


Wait, was there Heartagram there? Could you post it in the coca cola lounge?


Bump. Please someone have wins.


Yeah, I would love to see them.


Where? You must share.


Keep uploading MissAllSunday content. Maybe she'll get bored and post some new material. If you're gonna hang around, little miss Weeaboo, make yourself useful.


lol, did missallsunday murder your cat? Dude is angry!


I dunno, junior, but if she's gonna get people blocked from uploading content and hang around here because narcing, she might as well be useful and give back.


More hot cola content. Keep sharing brothers.


That absent is an irritating little cunt


any Knees


Can someone reup the gingerminge, endlesslust, and sgtsugartits?




Moar of that


Yes pls








Bump for this


any tcoi?


cola trashed


It’s still there. The files just expired.


Bumping for any b/g caps. Sex, BJ, whatever.


Looking for tcoi, heroin, aznfro



I'm pretty sure the last time I saw content of her was over 4 years ago. Don't think we'll get anymore, stop being fucking weird


looking for kotxx



Because scavenging screencaps against the will of camgirls is totally normal. Bite me.


Any queenc or eibba?



bump for new vids on the vola


bumping for new jardine


Longshot, but atlatllynn PLEASE?


Tumblraddict rsquared or kae? on the vola?


Oh wow what's heart's chaturbate username?


whats the PW for k3suzy_lesbian.7z



Any old school 0hgmygosh?


New cola?


atlatllynn !!!


Please reup any brittanybaby>>73016


Can someone repost the rtwotwo vid and others of her. I missed them.




you have any from "Showdillhole" young couple girl was a skinny hippy type


Any prying pandora rsquared or slince floating around?


Inkycream anyone?


Bump Brittanybaby



She hasn't been on for 6 years now. Post AtlAtllynn.




Have a bunch of tcoi/spartan/coira looking for more of the new stuff or old stuff pics and or videos im not picky i have up 20 like 14 hours and 1200 pics or so. mostly stuff she sent to just me.


Have a bunch of tcoi/spartan/coira looking for more of new stuff or old stuff pics and or videos im not picky i have up 20 like 14 hours and 1200 pics or so. mostly stuff she sent to just me.


Kill yourself nigger.


so is there a good Vola link out There?


Is pinknpurple stuff really impossible to find?


Bump for brittanybaby


atlatllynn would be great


Any Hanbanana/yesreally? she was this little cute Asian


So who has the new glmrkills?


new vola?


Need brittanybaby



We all know it is out there.


new glmrkills??


Reup Brittnybaby please


anyone have some Spareribs stuff?

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