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File: 1517720202725.jpg (74.32 KB, 618x842, Leak_List_2018.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

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I just found an new list of potential leaks.


Seems totally legit.


means jack shit


Praying that Ashley Tisdale set is legit.


Hayley Atwell, Katy Perry…yeah sure.

Always consider all lists fake until proven not fake.


I'm with this guy, though Meisha leaks would be dope



Ha! I've got more chance of getting laid than this list being real…


Meisha Tate and Abigail Ratchford would be dope


I just potential found your moms leaks


How do we get these? I want Julianne Hough!




LOL any schmuck can make a list and pretend its a leak list, its probably a list of celebs that loser stalks.

Haley Atwell, Please. seriously doubt it.


I know really,Tisdale come on. She would never take nudes of herself.


This “list” has been floating around the past couple years. It’s 100% bullshit. We probably will not see any more leaks on a massive scale like we did a few years ago. While I wish I was wrong with that statement, I truly believe that I am not.


Man, I don't disagree that this list is clearly be but I gotta disagree with you on your last point. In the last year we got Alison Brie, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Kat Mcphee, literally a dozen different female wrestlers and a bunch of others. 2017 was the best year of leaks since the fappening in 2014


Even in the rare chance that this list is real, I'm doubtful leakers will share any of it. Set expectations low and you'll be pleased with whatever comes up.


the meisha tate and megan mckenna ones would be Insane!!


Literally grade a bullshit list. Kudos for pulling a list of girls u googled ya asshat. This list is wishful fucking thinking. Seriously u believe this shit then u dumb as the bastard trying to pass it off as real. I needed a good laugh thanks



>being this emotionally fragile to rage hard at nothing



At this point, leaks are a waiting game and not every name on a list has a set. These lists are usually mixtures of real sets and bullshit.

Katherine Mcphee for example, appeared on a couple of lists and people called bs but hey, she got leaked eventually.


that is nudes4nudes@tutanota.com's list

it is legit but good luck getting any of it out of him


Nyxxyn leaked every worthwhile set in 2017 and now he is gone so good luck getting anything close to those in 2018


>Allison Mack
Is that the sex cult actress?
>Bella Thorne
A question of when, not if.
>Debby Ryan
>Hayley Atwell, Katy Perry
That would be awesome, therefore never happening.
>Kassidy Cook
Kept reading that as "Katie Cassidy". Wish she had more leaks. Maybe more BJ pics but with black lipstick and her Black Siren costume.
>Kate Beckinsale
Something something pic related (anon-ib.co/c/res/69344.html#q71175).
>Katee Sackoff, Lindsay Lohan, Traci Brooks
They did Playboy, didn't they?


oh how naive you are


When will we ever see Carrie Keagan's name on one of those lists. :( I would pay big for her leaks.


File: 1517878696739.gif (19.82 MB, 600x338, kjo8x6f2s07y.gif) ImgOps Google


If there is a god we will see Carrie Keagan's tits one day. This is the closest we've gotten.


Someone has to talk to him about getting Madison Pettis. But oh boy I sure hope he has something of Geneveieve H.


File: 1517891238293.jpeg (283.21 KB, 829x1000, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Please God, let the Ashley be real.

Also, is the new JLaw being passed on /tv/ right now? Or do I just not remember this shot.


Thats new to me


File: 1517895440576.jpg (152.77 KB, 914x1000, jennifer_lawrence_nude_fac….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

there was this one too.


Fake as hell dumbfuck


finding something on celebjihad is an automatic fake unless you can find another source


These were posted to the vola room. Any one have the buttplug one?


Still fake as hell.


If I make a pastebin that's proof right

Alicia Keys
Anna Kendrick
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chuck Berry
Camilla Parker Bowles
Fred from Scooby Doo
Naomi Campbell
Queen Latifah
Quentin Tarantino


Bump for Quentin Tarantino


Celebjihad's fake picture have there site name at the right corner when it's fake. That's real.


no, it isn't dumb fuck. The cum is fake and they mirrored one of her original leaks. Fuck yourself/


I just want giada, lol and kelly rippa! :(


nothing like middle aged virgin rage lols


You seem like you care about this wayyy too much. Chill out a bit. Get yourself a girl homie.

Giada would be a fucking game changer


leak shailene woodley please


anybody have the pics in that list that was posted on Cancer, the one with all the numbers of all the sets


pastebin.com/7dWk761N Real or fake?


It's real. A new list is also being posted.



that would be fun to see the oddballs like Kesha and Yolandi, along with miley butthole, and the "how the fuck has it not leaked earlier" Lohan set.


I hope this list is real


>Zoey Deschanel
>Kate Middleton
ohhh I wish this list was even remotely real.

>Mary Elizabeth Winstead

> (35 photos)

Speaking of her, the pics that were released in the first fappening looked like iphone previews/thumbnail images. Just makes me wonder if there were ever any more from her in better quality?


That list is a little more believable but still could be bullshit.


Is Ashley Tisdale or Kristen Bell being on that list believable.


…they are not?


So this list is fake and we'll never see nudes of Tisdale or Bell


>posting these shitty lists
literally why
post pics when they are released. i can't jerk to text of names

>iphone previews/thumbnail images
Nope, they are just overprocessed photos in some prehistoric instagram-like app.


So when will the Ashley Tisdale set leak.



When you eat a bag of Tide Pods.


Hey dumb shit…Kristen bell and Ashley Tisdale aren't on the list he's talking about.


So post the list he is talking about dumb shit.


Learn to read dumb shit. It was posted


Try too keep up


I found, my apologies. So this one is legit.



That list has been around since November 2014, it's bs


Wow are you serious about the Hudgens set. That many photos and 3 videos. Is she nude in the videos.


When is this list supposed to be leaked?


The Great Leak Council decided all this will be leaked April 15 2018 at 15pm.


They already leaked the whole Melina Perez set. Why not just leak the remaining three photos listed on it.


I like to believe it's a real list


At least this list has some detail on it. It's not just a bunch of names.



>jennifer lawrence

>447 photos

kek. calm down, jen.


Vanessa Hudgens has 191 photos and 3 videos. Plus her sister has some photos too. Could still be a fake list.


Avril Lavigne
> (125 photos)

hope we will see them one day, only 38 are leaked yet


Some of the lust are real, shailene is real,i ts not much though, i know it by First hand,cause i did the rip myself, it was never ment 2 be on any list though lol


what about Vanessa Hudgens and the few remaining of Melina. are those real.


Font know, ive been afk for a while, real life vering a bitch, but i Will return, doing my nasty business


some HC Shailene wud b righteous


Avril is all I'm waiting for


unless it's avril from her prime, pass

same with beckinsale, perry, and bell


Damn just post the few remaining nudes of Melina. Why hang on to them when the rest are out.


>>77122 i'm down with that, though i would look for curiosity


anybody have the celeb leak discord invites?


Really wish there was any hope of a Milana Vayntrub leak.




sorry to burst you bubble this list is from 2014


So? Doesn't mean some on that list aren't real.


But some of the content is off. It says Vanessa Hudgens has 191 photos an 3 videos. So far only 4 photos have surfaced. Melina's whole set has leaked yet is says she only has 3. Also say Hudgens sister has 41 but no one has leaked.


Because people are hoarding, they don't want to release them


That is an old list, but partially correct. Honestly suprised some hasn't come out yet. Especially, like Thorne and Bynes when they went off the rails.

Also,the rest of the half drops like lawrence,justice, etc.


So is the Vanessa Hudgens that many photos and can we expect a few more Melina Perez photos too.


Melina is done as far as i know but then again i have no intrest there is more hudgens though


I thought there was still a few more of Melina to leak. How good is the Hudgens set.


am I the only one hoping for those Lia marie Johnson pics to be legit?


>i can't jerk to text of names
You're just not trying hard enough anon


the op list is legit


This guy post is legit.


So there is a nude set of Ashley Tisdale


where are the leaks? how can you tell the amount


Hey, she had to convince Harvey Weinstein to give her parts somehow.


Is there a new leaked Blac Chyna tape?


Still waiting for lia marie johnson and jennette Mccurdy leaks, so i can jack my dick off





Lia's new movie 'Louissiana Caviar' will inlude a nude and sex scene for her. Its only a rumor but its a rumor based off of facts from both the movie plot and an interview of the writer and director.


does anyone have the Charissa Thompson leaks from a month ago? All the links and post with it got purged harder than cp


Aaliyah really she should never leak out of respect coz shes no longer living so please never leak Aaliyah


All I want is Abigail Ratchford sextape.


Fuck that logic…so ae shouldnt fap to any dead people? How about Bettie Page?


Wanna know how I know you're retarded


According to the cancer vola, Kristen Bell leaks tonight.




File: 1519098353856.jpg (17.05 KB, 453x348, lc.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google




"According to the cancer vola". And we all know that everything promised in the cancer vola ends up happening, right? -_- Gimme a break.


whos that?


lucy collett. from her 24 min sex tape. oral, doggy, missionary


where can I find the full tape? would love to see it



File: 1519143969806.jpg (253.02 KB, 960x1280, Mila-Kunis-Naked-01.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

mila kunis, is this real?


Bump for links.

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