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File: 1484123459645.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 2016-06-14 08.43.27.png) ImgOps Google

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Idk if many of y'all remember her but she has a phat ass, used to twerk on vine.
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Ill post Kevleena nudes if this nigga posts up


You post screenshots and you'll get the money you asked for.


Just post it already jesus christ like it's difficult to post a screenshot


i would def buy.. you got a kik or something


He’s trolling you.. you daft or something? “We got into an argument, decided not to show” lmao right. Dudes just another one of the anon weirdos that get their dick hard by trolling or dudes and getting their dicks hard.


File: 1518377388435.jpeg (795.78 KB, 864x1536, 57BB3A1C-930C-4C0E-9898-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google

I agree anonymous ;). Just one of the 10+ videos I have. And no I’m not showing anymore I’m bored and she’s a sweet girl deep down y’all dont deserve her 🤫


damn you all for talking shit to this guy


>not realizing its fake


You are a legend you know that right?

But even if you are a legend I honestly wouldn't pay 150 for her videos that's too much and I would rather just fap to some other girl…If you want to share it for free it would be nice, IF you want of course it's up to you…


I’m sure I could sell for good money I just don’t feel like it .she trying to make something out self. I got her riding dick , giving bj, and other naked twerking ones that are over 3 Mins each. I’m chilling because I got way hotter chicks. I’m gonna stop responding here for a while now


Thats not me lmao why are trying to lie to these people?


On the .01% chance this is u danni please start doing twerk vids again on the gram


The one who claims to have something and does not take it out is an idiot or you take it out, I do not know if you understand what you put in a page that gives you visits and you already have the fucking money.


File: 1518398093721.jpg (8.22 KB, 225x225, images.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


its some voodoo shit to get in danielle's ass. trust the process.



I originally offered money if you posted a screenshot. Where can I reach you privately?


Please dont get scammed. its fake. why do you think it took him so long to post something? look how the neck and back area is so covered up. look how blurry the pic is. this girl has always had the most recent iphone. this is a fake


he basically found a fat girl in this position (blurred neck and back to hide fatness). but on pert's face and blurred as much as possible



I don't know it looks legit to me but there is no reason to pay 150 for her lol what's the point?


Def fake. Why the fuck is her entire back blurred out AND her neck. Somebody with zero photoshopping knowledge could pull this off when you literally blur out the portions that are hardest to do. It’s a scam people, no doubt.


File: 1518472497578.jpeg (680.21 KB, 864x1536, DA3C54C4-870F-4A54-B2E7-8….jpeg) ImgOps Google

True very photoshop. My kik is Vladthedad for people who want to buy 10+ vids all 1-3 minutes.


why not just post one of the videos to remove any doubt? giving one out of ten wont hurt you


Looks like she is not nude


This give some sample


That looks nothing like her. Nice try lying faggot. That girl also has a bege thong


File: 1518484516949.png (378.24 KB, 1136x882, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

yo fam… get that last piece of underwear blurred out so these niggas find it more believable that shes naked…lol


Why would you blur any of it if ur trying to prove its real?


the neck looks like a separate image. look, if you're selling videos you could post one clear image so people know it's real.

and again. this girl is rich. she has always had the latest iphone. where are these blurry ass (no pun intended) pics coming from? she was taking clearer pics in 2014..


It's from a video that's why and she is not rich otherwise she would not sell twerk videos and blowjob videos


Who ever bought from >>27765 id be willing to buy 1 or 2 vids (not any of the sex or bj ones) just to see they're legit then id be willing to buy all of them from the guy.


I can confirm the videos are legitimate even though it took several days for me to receive them. Also out of the twerking content there is only one nude one just so everyone knows, but the ones in her thong are still very hot to me and her innocence when she gives head.


See her tits?


If there real, then Post the nude twerk


Post them for all of us :P


Who ever bought them post uncens0red previews so we can know to buy them too


>>27870 Ill buy them off you, if you can prove to me they are real nbs


Whatup boyz Friday is the last day I’m selling and will be the only way to reach me from now on!


i'll buy off who ever payed this guy


bump for a video


Kik sexyazzt if you already bought the video, ill pay you


I just got the videos and it honestly took longer to receive them than he said it would . I honestly thought this day would never come i would totally show you guys if i didn't had to use my paycheck to get them


Post definite screen shots so we know it’s her, no censoring or blurring, and maybe we’ll all contribute


Its a fuckin scam,it doesn't take this long to post a legit screen shot


theres gotta be a hero out there


No one owes you anything faggot. Pay up like the rest did it you want to see shit.



I think people just want more proof. no ones just going to blindly send $150 to some jackass on kik. im not saying to post an entire vid, but a sequenced screenshot would be nice.


Exactly, you would make so much more money if u just oblidge to what every asked for, something uncensored and clearly shows its her







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